Petroleum Corp

Find out about our environment friendly Extraction Technology. 

Corporate Summary

Archer Petroleum Corp. is a publicly traded energy company (ARK – TSX.V) focused on the extraction of heavy oil (bitumen) from American Oil/Tar Sands using a valuable, proprietary extraction process. Using this extraction technology, Archer Petroleum anticipates rapid growth at its Kentucky and Utah-based projects. The company’s target is to achieve 8,000+ Bpd production within 36 months, providing strong value and growth to its shareholders.

Proprietary Extraction Process

Archer Petroleum holds the right to use a proprietary Extraction Technology that is a non-thermal, mechanical and chemical closed loop system that utilizes mechanical forces and a patented, biodegradable, non-toxic, EPA-approved chemical “Sandklene 950” to completely separate bitumen from sand. Significant benchtesting of Archer’s technology has been completed with various oil sands from Canada and the US.


  •  No hot water or steam
  •  No use of caustic solvents
  •  Low water usage, 90% recycled
  •  No tailings ponds
  •  Low energy requirements
  •  Small footprint
  •  Returns non-toxic sand
  •  Low capital/operating costs